A Day In The Life Of A Cat Spay At Ardmore Vets


Jesse the cat was in to be neutered today. The following pictures show the stages of the day while she was in with us.
Picture 1 - When Jesse arrived at the surgery she was settled into a nice comfy kennel and given a pre medication which included a sedation and pre emptive pain relief injection.

Picture 2 -
Once the sedation had taken effect, an intravenous catheter was placed into her leg vein. This means we can give Jesse medication and fluids during her surgery.
Jesse was held by nurse Charlotte and the catheter was placed by nurse Sam. she was talked to the whole time to keep her nice and calm.

Picture 3 -
The area was cleaned and prepared for the catheter to be placed.

Picture 4 -
There that wasnt too bad was it Jesse!

Picture 5 -
Jesse was then handed to the Theatre team, today it was Veterinary Surgeon Frances and Nurse Clare. Jesse is given an anaesthetic injection and a tube is placed which enables Jesse to breath in the anaesthetic gas.

Picture 6 -
Theatre assistant Sam then clips and cleans the area where the surgery will take place.

Picture 7 -
The theatre set up for Jesse's surgery.

Picture 8 -
The surgical kit for Jesse's surgery.

Picture 9 -
Once Jesse has been moved through from the prep area in to the theatre, she is connected to the anaesthetic monioring equipment which helps Qualified Veterinary Nurse Clare monitor Jesse throughout the procedure.

Picture 10 -
Once veterinary surgeon Frances has scrubbed her hands and put on surgical gloves the surgery starts.

Picture 11 -
After the surgery is compleat Jesse is returned to her kennel and snuggled in blankets and a Qualified nurse will sit with her until she is able to sit up on her own.

Picture 12 -
It dosnt take long for Jesse to fully recover and happily tuck into a bowl of food for lunch.

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