Complimentary Medicine


The Ardmore veterinary group offers a number of complimentary medicine services.


Richard Davy, Simon Bailey and Frances Simpson are trained and experienced in acupuncture for companion animals. We have found this approach extremely helpful to control pain in arthritic animals where conventional medication alone has not been successful. Please see our Acupuncture page for more information

Herbal  treatments and supplements

Our vets are keen to use supplements and herbal remedies either alone or alongside conventional medicine.

Hydrotherapy pool and physiotherapy

We have hydrotherapists and physiotherapists the surrounding area we can refer you to. These therapies are very useful following orthopaedic surgery and for chronic arthritis. Hydrotherapy allows the joints to be exercised in a weightless environment and helps preserve muscle mass without causing pain. It can also be useful as part of a weight loss programme.

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