Both of our surgeries have fully equipped operating theatres and we pride ourselves on our extremely high standards of theatre practice.

Just as with a human surgeon, our surgeons always use a cap, mask, sterile scrubs plus gown if required and gloves for all theatre procedures. This means that our post-operative infection rate is extremely small, and well below average. It appears from recent research at the University of Cambridge, that clients believe all practices apply the same standards, which is not always the case.

A staff member trained and qualified to monitor anaesthesia is assigned to each patient on a one to one basis at all times during the anaesthetic and until your pet has recovered from the anaesthetic. We are able to electronically monitor blood pressure, ECG, Co2, Saturated Oxygen levels, breathing rate and temperature constantly. We use the safest established drug protocol available for anaesthesia - drugs which are used for human anaesthesia - with a wide range of drug protocols tailored for each individual patient. We use a variety of potent pain killing drugs before during and after surgery to keep pain after the surgery to an absolute minimum, and speed recovery further. All this contributes to our excellent anaesthetic safety record.

Every patient undergoing an anaesthetic is put on an intravenous drip to ensure that the procedure is as safe as possible for your pet and that his or her recovery is as comfortable and rapid as possible. In many cases we also advise that we run a pre-anaesthetic blood test in our on-site laboratory to ensure that our patients are healthy and fit for anaesthesia. Please discuss these issues with our staff.

Patients are anaesthetised through pre placed intravenous catheters and constantly monitored with the aid of state of the art monitoring equipment. Body temperature is maintained throughout using a patient warming device.

We have an extensive range of surgical skills and modern surgical equipment. In cases that require more specialisation we have access to a full range of veterinary specialists and referral centres.

Our theatre staff are experienced but still undergo continual professional development to keep abreast of new procedures and technology.

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