Socialisation/Training contacts


Puppy/ Dog socialisation & training contacts.

1) Puppy socialisation & basic training at Ardmore Veterinary Group Ltd

  • Class size usually 3 to 8  puppies, must be fully vaccinated
  • Thursday evenings 7.30 – 8.30pm (unless told otherwise)
  • Held at the Sudbury practice in our waiting room
  • Upper age limit for attendance is 18 week.
  • £25 for 3 week course, 1 hour class a week

Contact  Sharon or Fleur  01787 372588

2) Sudbury Dog Company

  • Puppy socalisation classes using only kind, positive reinforcement methods.
  • Relaxed calm and supportive environment
  • dog training classes for all ages and abilities
  • Most up to date, calm and effective methods used
  • Clicker training
  • Classes run on weekday evenings and weekends
  • TEL: 01787 310672
  • ALSO – 'Sudbury doggy day care' are a socialisation centre in Brundon Lane, Sudbury. Dogs MUST be neutered, fully vaccinated and dog friendly in order to attend. Once your dog meets these 3 requirements, speak to Sam as we can offer our Ardmore clients a voucher that entitles you to your first trial day with the centre free of charge!

3) Sudbury dog training at Great Waldingfield village hall.

Training classes: 

Sudbury Dog Training at Great Waldingfield Village Hall 

  • Class size varies between 5 - 12 puppies. (proof of vaccination is required)
  • Upper age limit is 18 weeks 
  • Sudbury Dog training also runs a General Obedience class
  • visit
  • Tel Hilary Schofield on 01449 741762

4) Lead the way Dog Training

  • Agility
  • Rally-O
  • One to one and group sessions.
  • Puppy training
  • Obedience classes
  • Socail walks as well as private training and behaviour Management in your home.

Based in Long Melford. Classes train outside amongst natures smells and  distractions, in a fenced paddock, focusing on off lead work, lead walking and social skills.
Use reward based methods utilising treats,  toys or affection.

Call Sara Oakley 07909904357 or visit

5) ACE Agility

  • Agility,
  • Heel work to music,
  • Puppy classes,
  • Behaviour management,
  • One to one and group training sessions,
  • Home boarding and social walks.
Beginners puppy class 9-10am Saturdays in Glemsford
Training sessions include cyclists, children at play and older dogs

Contact Jackie on 07816537695 for more information.


6) Halstead dog training at Pebmarsh:

  • - Class size varies, up to 10 puppies
  • Mondays: 2 x Obedience classes held between 7 – 10pm
  • Fridays: 3 x Obedience classes (Inc Puppy) held between 7 – 10pm
  • No upper age limit for attendance
  • Kc registred good puppy scheme

  • Contact Anne on 01787 473154

 7) Dog training at Marks Tey and Wickham St Paul:

  • Class size varies between 6 – 8 puppies
  • Wednesday evenings at Marks Tey 7pm
  • Thursday evenings at Wickham St Paul 6.30pm
  • Puppies can attend from 10 weeks of age
  • Can also arrange home visits/ private lessons (price discussed with Individual)

8) Dog Sense Matters at Glemsford Village hall:

  • Class size varies, maximum of 10 puppies
  • Friday evenings 6.30 – 7pm
  • Puppies between ages of 12 – 20weeks can attend
  • 25 for 5 week course

Dog Sense Matters also run an Obedience class:

  • 20 weeks of age onwards
  • Class size approximately 8 young dogs
  • £42 for 8 week course
  • Friday evenings 7pm – 7.45pm
  • Please enquire by telephone about their Agility class (from 1 year onwards.

Contact Jan on 01787 379556 or 07985 27109

9) Training at Sible Hedingham:

Traub in the home of trainer/ one to one/ gun dog training/ agility.

Visit or call 07816 154 985 (Gary and Caroline Martin)

10. Little Stars dog Training 
Gem Smith dog Trainer Qualified, Insured,Experienced.
Dog training Outdoor Venue in Great Cornard Training college Approved trainer              puppies/life skills Agility Hoopers Trick Scent.also home visits. 
TEL # 07973429765

At the Ardmore Veterinary Group we aim to provide the highest standard of professional veterinary care. If you find any of the information displayed incorrect please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to listen and assist in any way we can.

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