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As part of International Cat Care we aim always to be a Cat Friendly Clinic.
The Ardmore Veterinary Group Sudbury branch has a dedicated fully air conditioned cat ward opened in 2012. We also offer a regular 'cat-only clinics', please ask reception regarding the availabilty of these appointment slots when you make your next appointment. We are aware that we cannot accomodate cat-only appointments to suit everyone, if the available slots are not convenient please enquire about our 'quiet room' which may be available for use at other times of day. We endeavour to provide a low stress environment during your cat's visit to us.

We recognise that there are unique challenges and difficulties in bringing your cat to a veterinary clinic:

  • Cats often do not travel well
  • Cats do not feel safe when they are away from their normal home territory
  • Cats are highly sensitive to unusual sights, sounds and smells
  • Most cats prefer quiet and solitude
  • Most cats are highly susceptible to stress
  • Most cats are highly stressed by dogs being nearby in a veterinary clinic
  • Cats need to be handled gently, with care and respect in the clinic
  • When cats are hospitalised, considerable attention is needed to their unique requirements

We will be pleased to show you round the clinic, let you see ‘behind the scenes’, and explain to you and show you what we do to help improve cat care in the clinic.

All of this leads to a much better experience for your cat and you as their owners, and a higher quality of care.

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