Kitten Checklist and Happy Kitten Booklet


When buying a kitten we encourage you to use The Kitten Checklist, tool to help prospective cat owners make informed decisions when buying or adopting a new kitten.It was developed by the BVA, International Cat Care, Cats Protection and many other cat welfare groups. 

What is The Kitten Checklist?

The Kitten Checklist is a one-stop guide that helps prospective cat owners get all the information they need before making the decision to take home a new kitten. It guides them through the process - from questions they should be asking a breeder or rescue centre to understanding what their answers mean.

Breeders are encouraged to use The Kitten Checklist to help them demonstrate that they are breeding responsibly and meeting high standards of welfare.

We also have a downloadable booklet from Ardmore Vets outlining the vital stages in rearing a healthy, happy kitten Happy Kitten Booklet
Information booklet on rearing a healthy, happy kitten. The Kitten Checklist
Buying a kitten

At the Ardmore Veterinary Group we aim to provide the highest standard of professional veterinary care. If you find any of the information displayed incorrect please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to listen and assist in any way we can.

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