Piper-:Poor cat stuck in a pipe and resuced by firefighters.


We are currently looking after a cat who had his head stuck in a pipe on a west Suffolk industrial estate. He was rescued by firefighters yesterday after they were alerted to the incident by the RSPCA. PIPER IS NOW LOOKING FOR HIS FOREVER HOME! Piper would be ideally suited to an outdoor lifestyle and would be a perfect hunting cat for a Farm or Small holding. If you think you will be able to offer Piper the space and care he deserves please contact the surgery.

The cat was found with its head trapped inside a pipe within a brick wall at Stour Valley Business Centre in Brundon Lane, Sudbury, when firefighters arrived at the scene. One fire engine attended to the distressed cat with the RSPCA and removed the pipe from the wall shortly before 10am, before taking the cat to Ardmore Veterinary Surgery to remove the pipe from around its neck.

RSPCA Inspector Sandy Pawlowski who attended the incident, said: “We got called about this poor cat that was stuck in a solid tube, and his head was completely wedged in. We think he was likely to have been there all weekend as he was weak and not responding to much around him.”

Richard Davey, one of the veterinary practitioners who treated the cat, said: ”One of the fire officers brought the cat in with the RSPCA officer, and luckily for the cat in this weather it was inside.

“While it was in some distress it could have been worse. We gave him some anesthetic to calm him down and with lubricant removed the pipe. We treated him for shock, warmed him up and gave him some pain relief.”

The cat, which vets have named ‘Piper’ after the incident, is still at the practice and currently on a drip, although Inspector Pawlowski confirmed that his injuries were not serious.

Piper did not have an ID chip, so the surgery was unable to identify the owner. Mr Davey reminded owners of the need to have their cats tagged with a microchip, and said: “If we can scan him and find where he lives, then we can reunite him with his owner.”

Inspector Pawlowski added, “He is at the vets at the moment, and we are appealing for an owner to come forward.”

Piper is a young, black male entire, and was found on the Stour Valley industrial estate. Anyone with information on the cat’s owners should contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018 or Ardmore Veterinary Group on 01787 372588.

SOURCE: East angilian Daily Times 15.10.14 - http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/sudbury_cat_stuck_in_pipe_on_industrial_estate_rescued_by_firefighters_1_3805888

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