A young male cat called ‘Joey’ was hit by a car on the 24th of October; as a result of the impact he suffered one broken hind leg and very nasty wound on his other hind leg. Despite his injuries, he always remained so happy - purring the whole time we were treating him, and gratefully tucking into his meals. He certainly won our hearts with his ‘happy go lucky’ attitude!

The wound to one hind leg was extensively treated and saved, but unfortunately, X-rays revealed that the fracture was so bad that he required an amputation of the other hind leg.


Joey was not going to let having three legs slow him down for long! He was on strong pain killers that did make him quite sleepy when his owner visited the first day after the surgery, but by day two he was walking about with his 3 legs confidently. He was back to himself again - enjoying his chin tickles and tucking into his food.


Joey stayed in with us for a couple more days so he could rest and have pain killers, but he was soon back at home and up to no good once more:


“Joey's doing absolutely fine, back to his usual self and desperate to get out and about which will be the next step. Not quite sure I'm ready for that one though! Thanks again for everything and most importantly for caring for Joey as if he were your own” (Joey’s owner).


We are all so pleased at the surgery with how well Joey is doing. Every staff member who cared for Joey fell in love with him, so we wanted to share his story to show that having three legs really isn’t so bad after all! J

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