Oscar the cat gets stuck in Farm Machinery.

Oscars Story;

Oscar is a very handsome ginger and white, 8 month old short haired cat. He was rushed into the practice when he came home unable to walk and had an extensive wound to his hind leg. This was potentially caused by becoming entangled in farm machinery whilst out exploring near his home.

X-rays were taken and it was discovered that Oscar had fractured his pelvis in 3 places. Not only this but Oscars wound was so badly infected he had an extremely high temperature. Along with treating Oscar with pain relief, antibiotics and intravenous fluid therapy, our nurses worked hard to reduce his dangerously high temperature using fans and frozen ice packs this involved one to one nursing care.  Oscar’s owners were warned that unless the infection could be brought under control his chances of survival were slim. We also needed to make sure he was able to pass urine and faeces as his bladder and nerves round his back end could have been so badly damaged during the accident that he would be unable to do this for himself. If this was the case then the kindest thing would have been to put Oscar to sleep.

Luckily however Oscar passed urine overnight, and eventually passed faeces a couple of days later. By the end of the 4th day Oscar’s temperature had reduced enough that he was starting to feel much better. His wound was looking like it was starting to heal and he was starting to eat voluntarily. We soon learnt that Oscar would do anything for food ‘Dreamies’ proved to be his absolute favourite. This proved to be very helpful as Oscar needed his wound thoroughly flushing, cleaning and re dressing twice a day. He was amazing in that he would lie down good as gold to have this done as long as we kept the ‘Dreamies’ coming!

Oscar had been in with us for 10 days by the time his wound was looking well enough to just require cleaning once a day. This meant that his dedicated owners could take him home and just bring him back to the surgery once a day for us to continue cleaning and dressing the wound. Oscar’s owners had been in to visit him every day, and it was clear to see how much he meant to them and how much he loved them in return. Oscar went home under strict instructions to keep him as rested as possible to give his pelvis time to heal. Amazingly, despite extensive fractures that we see a cat’s pelvis heals best via strict cage rest and plenty of pain relief. Oscar was no exception and on the day he went home he could stand and walk incredibly well considering the extent of damage he had arrived with.

Oscars mum Imogen had this to say about his ordeal; ‘When Oscar first was taken to the vets after finding him cold on the drive I was really worried I honestly didn't think he was going to make it but once dropping him of at the vets I was relieved having him in the best possible hands. I only had Oscar for about a month and a half after we rescued him and already he had gotten him self into massive trouble. I couldn't thank the staff enough for everything they did for Oscar, and the constant updates throughout his recovery also allowing us to come and visit him whenever we needed.’

Oscar is such a fighter and such a lovely boy we all fell in love with him during his time with us. 9 days after he first went home his wound had healed to a point where it no longer needed the extensive flushing and re dressing, his owners could apply the antiseptic cream at home and leave off the dressing. So Oscar was finally fully discharged 19 days after he was first rushed in to the practice.

Here at Ardmore we are so pleased to report that we hear Oscar is doing well and making a full recovery, and still enjoying his ‘Dreamies’!

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