The Big Snail Count


We are getting behind the 'The BIG Snail Count' and asking you to take part in the Nationwide ecological experiment and competiton!

What slimy surprises are lurking in your garden?

Some slugs and snails carry a parasite called lungworm, (Angiostrongylus vasorum). Dogs can contract this parasite after they eat an infected slug or snail, and it can prove fatal. With a growing number of slugs and snails in the UK, we want to find out where they are most common and how they spend their time in our gardens. With this information, we'll be able to help raise awareness of the potential risk of lungworm by educating dog owners across the country.

Take part in our nationwide ecological experiment. All you need to do is spend 10 minutes in your garden and tell us what you discover. It's easy to take part:

1 Find them:

Simply go out into your garden and start your hunt for slugs and snails - you can watch our video for some tips on where you might find them. Set a timer for 10 minutes and stop looking when your time is up.

2 Count them:

Once your ten minutes is up, record how many you have found, noting down the conditions and any interesting locations or findings. Don't forget to take pictures!

3 Submit your findings:

Enter your findings using the form below. Show us your pictures using the #bigsnailcount hashtag to be in with a chance of winning one of five prizes!

Post your pictures to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #bigsnailcount. They are awarding prizes under these categories*:

  • Biggest slug or snail - win £150
  • Smallest slug or snail - win £150
  • Weirdest looking slug or snail - win £150
  • Most unusual location - win £150
  • Best photo - win camera worth £500
  • Bonus: rare snail - the sinistral morph (snails which shells that twist the wrong way!) - win £400 adventure!

*To help them verify your entry, it is best to photograph your snail / slug next to a ruler or a 1p coin. Remember to tell them  which category you are entering in your post. Entries subject to terms and conditions.

Download a Big Snail Count notes sheet to help you in your hunt at

Find out more about the projct and how you can take part by watching their video:

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