Feline Friendly Clinics


Introducing our new cat clinics
At the practice we do many things to make our feline friends visit to the vets less stressful. We have our separate cat and dog wards for patients staying in for operations and treatment. In the cat ward we use the Feliway diffusers and valerian drops for their calming affect, and cat castles in the kennels to sit on or hide in. We have now introduced cat only appointments in the afternoon so that those cats that are not so keen on their canine pals don't have to sit a whisker away from them.

When you are booking an appointment let us know if you want a cat clinic appointment.

Vets and Nurse Cat  only Clinics 2-3pm Monday to Friday at our Sudbury branch.
01787 372588

Don't forget to look at our Cat Friendly Practice Services page for more information on bringing you cat to the vet and our tailored cat facilities.

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